1. Procurement, Use and Application of Medicinal Plants in Animal Husbandry

(Instructions, advice and recommendations for eco-farmers)., Brochure, Ganja, 2006


The types, appointment, procurement rules of medicinal plants, the development of their usage and application methods intended for animal pest and disease control in agriculture, especially in organic agriculture are recommended in the book.


2. Natural Resources of Azerbaijan and Their Effective Use., Monograph, Ganja, 2005


The monograph covers ecological, economic and legal basis of natural resources use in Azerbaijan. The monograph is intended to provide thorough information about major resources in the country such as land, water, biological and mineral resources, solution ways for the ecological problems associated with natural resources consumption, as well as systematic approach embracing ecological, economic and social interests for the effective use of natural resources.


3. Agricultural Animal Feeding., Textbook, Baku, 2004


The types of fodder for agricultural animals, their procurement and storage of a variety of fodder crops, various agricultural animals’ food ration and the rules of feeding are thoroughly explained in the book.


4. The Principles of Organic Agriculture., Textbook, Ganja, 2011


This book is going to be published for the first time in Azerbaijan and dedicated to organic agriculture development, its history, fundamentals and principles, organic production, processing methods, organic standards, certification procedures and other legal-normative issues.



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